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Liquid Gel - Bejeweled Beauty, 10ml

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The Shimmer Liquid Gels Collection

Inspiration from the Heart of Fashion

In the fashion-forward spirit of Thierry Mugler's WOMEN SS 2024 show in Paris, we at ReformA have captured an essence that transcends mere color. Our latest Shimmer Liquid Gels Collection is a homage to the enigmatic aura of the modern woman – a celebration of mystery, luxury, and unapologetic glamour.

The Essence of Mystery and Luxury

Imagine a realm where every detail is an expression of sophistication – from attire to the subtlest accent on nails. Drawing inspiration from the runway, where clothes, body, nails, and hair blend into a symphony of style, our collection invites women to drape themselves in an invisible veil of allure. It's not just a product - it's an elevation of personal style, embodying shine, dominance, and the power to dictate one's own fashion narrative.

Innovative Fusion of Technology and Art

We've eschewed ordinary glitter, opting instead for special reflective particles. These particles are the soul of our collection – under the caress of spotlights, they come alive, emitting a dazzling spectrum of light. This is where science meets art: a product designed with the latest trends and properties in the beauty industry, making sure your nails are not only beautiful but also a statement of cutting-edge fashion.

Unveiling the Game of Light

The Shimmer Liquid Gels Collection is more than a beauty product – it's an experience. As the light hits your nails, each movement becomes a play of luminance, a subtle yet striking display of elegance and confidence. It's about owning the space you're in, commanding attention not just for how you look, but for the intriguing play of light and color at your fingertips.

Join the Luxury

Embrace the mystery, luxury, and dominance. Dictate your rules in the game of color and mood. With the Shimmer Liquid Gels Collection, every woman becomes a masterpiece of her own making, an embodiment of the modern, confident, and fashion-forward individual.


  1. Cosmic Cascade

In the depths of the universe, where stars and mysteries collide, the Cosmic Cascade is born. This shade is like the night sky just before dawn, deep and enigmatic, speckled with the glitter of distant stars. It speaks of a woman who is a force of nature. Her presence was akin to a cosmic event. She is a trendsetter who doesn't follow paths but creates them. Her choices resonated through the world of fashion like ripples through the cosmos. This color isn't just a choice; it's a declaration of boldness and mystery, perfect for the woman who leaves a trail of intrigue wherever she goes.

  1. Bejeweled Beauty

Bejeweled Beauty is a tribute to timeless elegance. Inspired by the luxurious, dark red of precious rubies, this shade is reminiscent of the grandeur of classic fashion icons. Wearing this color is like adorning oneself with the finest jewels, a symbol of opulence and unspoken power. It's for the woman who commands attention not with words, but with her undeniable aura of sophistication. In the fast-paced world of fashion, she is a constant – a symbol of enduring grace and allure.

  1. Supernova Swirl

Bordeaux, like the rich velvet of a vintage gown, Supernova Swirl is the epitome of classic beauty meeting modern flair. It's as if a supernova, in its breathtaking final performance, was captured right at your fingertips. This color is for a woman who is a blend of mystery, passion, and timeless elegance. She's a walking piece of art. Her style is a careful curation of the past and the present, making her an icon in every sense in the world of fashion.

  1. Bedazzling Blaze

As vibrant and energetic as a red-carpet premiere, Bedazzling Blaze is the embodiment of the spotlight. This fiery red with its glittering undertones is reminiscent of the flash of cameras, the heat of the spotlight, and the thrill of a fashion show. It's designed for the woman who isn't afraid to stand out, to be bold and vivacious. She's the trendsetter, the headliner, the one who defines what fashion is and will be. She leaves a trail of inspiration, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Liquid Gel is an innovative material that has an optimal combination of ductility and rigidity, which provides a high degree of control during modeling. This product is ideal for strengthening natural nails, correcting imperfections and straightening the nail plate. With its help, you can effectively work in the technique without using failing, creating medium-length nails. After the polymerization process, the material forms a stable and durable coating that can retain its qualities for several weeks.


Advantages of Liquid Gel:

  • Can serve as an independent coating or a base layer for gel polish.
  • Provides a stable coating without shrinkage and does not require additional filing.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.
  • Curing time in UV lamp: 60 seconds


Liquid Gel step-by-step application technology:

Nail Plate Preparation: Use a 220/240 grit file to remove the glossy surface.

Dehydration: Treat the nail plate with a cleanser.

Preparation: Apply Nail Prep to degrease and prepare.

Primer: Use Ultrabond Primer to optimize adhesion.

Base Coat: Apply Rubber Base or Base Coat in a thin layer.

Base Coat Curing: Cure under UV lamp for 1 minute.

First Layer of Liquid Gel: Apply a thin layer (do not cure).

Second Layer of Liquid Gel: Apply a leveling layer and cure for 2-3 minutes.

Shaping: If necessary, adjust the shape using a file at the required angle.

Top Coat: Apply top coat, covering the surface and the free edge of the nail from the back side.



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