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Hair Color Cream 9.73 - very light brown golden blonde, 100 ml

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ReformA Color Cream

  • Description

ReformA color cream refreshes the image, perfectly covers grey hair filling the locks with gloss, strength and intensive color. An ultra-flexible product formula allows the solution to be easily spread on locks to guarantee an even color shade. Vitamin Е fastens hair bulbs and restores their structure. Owing to that the locks become soft, shiny and flexible after the color treatment. The Vitamin A activates growth of hairs, makes the locks full, prevents dandruff and protects from UV-rays.

ReformA color cream stands out with an enriched formula of penetrating features and also guarantees long-lasting shade after coloring. A thorough check of the pigments with a composition that stays the same for many years makes that possible. Beauty experts developed a unique ColorGuardPro complex specifically for ReformA. This is a technology of molecular color protection ensuring the resistance of the hair-dye to washing out and fading. Besides, the hair-color has a convenient form (a tube of 100 ml) and an improved formula of creme fragrance that removes aggressive odor  in the process of coloring.

  • Recommended use

The basis of a beautiful color is the hair condition before the treatment. Healthy locks keep bright shade and gloss far longer than dry and damaged hair. That is the reason why it is necessary to hold on to special systematical treatment before visiting the studio.

Several weeks before the procedure, professionals advise to change a regular shampoo by a detox treatment. Such cosmetics will help to cleanse hair and remove the results of previous coloring to help new color cover each hair evenly. Follow the hair washing with a conditioning balsam that will close the hair scales and make it silky.

Don’t neglect using masks and oil beauty products. They nourish and strengthen the hair from  within making them  resistant to aggressive environmental factors.

Having prepared the hair to coloring you can proceed to choosing the color shade. At this stage, the colorer estimates the mixture ratio of oxidizing solution. For example, for ReformA color creme the following measures are valid:

  • 10 vol (3%) for the same shade and for darker tones
  • 20 vol (6%) for hair bleaching by 1-2 tones
  • 30 vol (9%) for hair bleaching by 2-3 tones
  • 40 vol (12%) for hair bleaching by 3-4 tones

Upon that the mixing ratio is 1:1,5 and for super-bleaching effect, the ratio is 1:2.

To prepare a color mixture, please put 50 ml (half of the tube) of ReformA color in a container, add 75 ml of oxidizing agent (10, 20, 30 or 40 vol) and mix thoroughly until smooth paste.

Apply the color creme starting from the back of the head covering the whole area step-by-step. After that the colorer leaves the solution for 30-55 minutes depending of the desired effect. At the final stage we recommend to apply a small amount of warm water and massage the hair to emulsify the hair-dye. Then rinse the solution with a big amount of water using shampoo and balsam for color-treated hair.

We do not recommend to wash hair within 48 hours after the procedure. Experts also advise to use the products with 4 – 5,5 ph level. They cleanse the locks thoroughly and ensure the long-lasting color.

  • Warnings

To avoid allergic reactions throughout the coloring process it is important to keep to the instructions on the package. The use of the product is not recommended for the persons under the age of 16, people with sensitive scalp having irritation and rash tendency, also for those who experienced allergic reaction to hair-color before and those who have temporary black henna tattoo. The product is intended solely for professional use. In case the color comes into contact with eyes, we recommend to rinse them with current water. Do not use the hair-dye for brows and eyelashes.

  • The package contents

The ReformA color creme package contains a tube with color of 100 ml. Whereas the hair-color is designed for professional use, oxidizing acid and other accessories should be purchased separately.


INGREDIENTS                                                  CAS No.            % w/w

Ceteareth-25                                                                                                           68439-49-6              1-5

Cocamide MEA                                                                                                       68140-00-1              1-5

Ammonia                                                                                                                   7664-41-7              0-5

Ethanolamine                                                                                                             141-43-5               0-5

Sodium sulfite                                                                                                          7757-83-7              < 1

Sodium hydrosulfite                                                                                  7631-94-9              < 1 

Sodium metabisulfite                                                                                7681-57-4              < 1


may contain:

p-phenylenediamine                                                                                                 106-50-3               < 2

4-chlororesorcinol                                                                                                       95-88-5               < 2

m-aminophenol                                                                                                         591-27-5               < 1

1-naphthol                                                                                                       90-15-3               < 1

2-amino-4-hydroxyethylaminoanisole sulfate                                     83763-48-8              < 1

2-methylresorcinol                                                                                       608-25-3               < 1

p-methylaminophenol sulfate                                                                      55-55-0               < 1

4-amino-m-cresol                                                                                       2835-99-6               < 1

N-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine sulfate                                                   4698-29-7               < 1

4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene                                                                       2835-95-2               < 2

resorcinol                                                                                                                  108-46-3               < 1

p-aminophenol                                                                                                        123-30-8               < 1

1-hydroxyethyl-4,5-diamino pyrazole sulfate                                               155601-30-2              < 1

Toluene-2,5-diamine sulfate                                                                                6369-59-1              < 2

2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine                                                                               16867-03-1              < 1

2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol HCl                                                                      66422-95-5              < 2

5-amino-6-chloro-o-cresol                                                                                 84540-50-1              < 1

N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-p-phenylenediamine sulfate                                  54381-16-7              < 1

HC Yellow no. 2                                                                                      24926-55-0              < 1

Basic Yellow 87                                                                                      68259-00-7               < 1

Basic Orange 31                                                                                    97404-02-9                < 1

Basic Red 51                                                                                                        77061-58-6                < 1

Acid Red 92                                                                                            18472-87-2               < 1


The product may also contain water, conditioners, emulsifiers, chelating agents, solubilisers and solvents, none of which are hazardous. to 100



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