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Tip Gel Clear Nail, 14g

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Description of Universal Gel Clear (941293) and Tip Gel Clear Nail (941294)


Universal Gel Clear (941293) and Tip Gel Clear Nail (941294) are gum gels with a very thick consistency for gel tips and 3D-designs. These are unusual and very interesting nail products for creating 3D-designs, fixing gel tips without streaking, and sculpting various 3D-figures in Japanese and Korean style. These are rubber-based gels, transparent, with a thick gum consistency. You can add pigment, glitter, decor to it and thus create any design option. You can also apply gel polish or gel paint to the finished design element.


Universal Gel Clear (941293) and Tip Gel Clear Nail (941294) differ in consistency. Tip Gel Clear Nail (941294) is thicker, Universal Gel Clear (941293) stretches better and is more convenient to make oblong elements from. Tip Gel Clear Nail (941294) is better suited for fixing gel tips.


Mode of application:


  1. Using a spatula or stick, separate a little drop of gel, roll into a ball, and then sculpt the desired volumetric element. For convenience and to eliminate excessive stickiness, you can use Cleanser.
  2. Place the resulting 3D-element on the sticky layer of coating on the nail. Cure for 1 minute in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV 36 W lamp.

Recommendation: it is better to remove the decor from the total gel using tweezers (cutters) or by hand filing. We do not recommend using a nail drills.



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